Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Shrimp Spotlight: Red Bolt!?!

With recent turns of events, my Red Wine/Ruby Red colony has experienced quite a turn-around and started showing signs of vigor and robustness. With babies surviving and adults shrugging off their winter chills, my colony is starting to reproduce again! I find myself with more and more babies very week! With the 4th batch of babies maturing into young juveniles, my other young female adult have made it past her pregnancy and given birth to the tank's 5th batch of babies. This newest batch is quite small (the brood consists roughly of 10-15 babies) as the mother is still young and this may be the first time she experienced giving birth. I expect this young mother to carry more and more as she mature.

The main focus of today is the POTENTIAL of me having a Red Bolt. Now I am aware that are photos of "Red Bolts" floating around the net. I want to say that this isn't my first experience with these "Red Bolt." Another German hobbyist reported and documented what he called a "Red Bolt" a while back. When I received my Red Wines from a buddy, he informed me that his Red Wine colony were throwing out random colored Bees that were similar to "Red Bolt" or so he said from what he was able to gather online.  My saying POTENTIAL and constantly quoting of the word RED BOLT is due to the fact that I am not 100% sure that what I have is truly a "Red Bolt" and not just a horrible Golden Bee. There is a fine line, and I don't want to be the guy to sell someone on the idea of a crappy Golden Bee as a "Red Bolt." There are far too many profiteers out there quick to label something to make money, I don't want to be THAT guy. I'll continue to track and monitor the development of this "Red Bolt" until he/she is older and I can further determine what he/she really is. To be honest color isn't quite "BOLT" status like their bluer cousins but ehh... beggars can't be choosers. Regardless, this will be either an exciting confirmation or an interesting beginning to some fun breeding experiments!

Here are photos!!

A small update before I conclude the post. With regards to the cycling of the rimless 10G, I'm almost 100% certain the tank is cycled and good to go. I just haven't had time to really test the parameters for confirmation but I will this weekend. As for the Japanese Black/Red Bees, I've noticed that the JBB have released their second brood of babies. The JRB female are still berried and showing great signs that they'll be carrying their clutch to maturity without fail. The BlackBees from the first clutch are growing up super fast and they have just amazing colors! I cannot wait for some free time this weekend to work on the tanks and take some photos! I also have a secret project I've brooding that I'm exciting to start. ALSO ALSO, there's a big event coming up next week. Folks following should definitely stay tuned!

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