Sunday, February 8, 2015

Photoburst: Japanese Black Bee & BlackBees

This weekend was dedicated to maintaining tanks and waterchanges of tanks at my parent's home. Some might already know that I house my shrimps tanks in two different locations and dedicate each weekend to performing waterchanges at each. 

This week, it was the tanks at my parent's home which happens to be the location where my Japanese Bees and a majority of my PRL are living. As such, I had the opportunity to take some pretty great photos.

As usual, my Japanese Black Bees and BlackBees were less shy and more optimistic to get their photos taken. My Japanese Red Bees were a bit more shy and decided hide. The only willing participant was the male of the JRB tank. Although he is quite handsome, I'll have to wait until I have more photos of the females. I'll post the photo of him in HD when I have more photos of the females of the tank. This time around, I will be mainly doing a photo dump for my JRB and BlackBees.

Please enjoy!

...they grow up so fast..

Playful Exuberance
Eating with mommie
Family dining

no fear... no share...
...exiled to the kiddy table...
Not sure if I've mentioned before but with the 1st broodlings growing up so fast, the oven's been baking and my 2nd brood have just arrived. The 2nd group is less than a week old but already showing fantastic colors. I can already easily spot them congregating among their older siblings. I'm also really happy/excited to inform you that a few babies from the 1st brood started to show the blue-face features common among their mothers. This is exciting for me as I simply adore the trait!!

With the seasonal changes about, my shrimps have sensed this and started gearing up their breeding. As such, I hope everyone is experiencing similar success! I hope everyone has a great 2015 kickoff and tanks full of babies!!

Thank you!


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