Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Photoburst: Japanese Red Bees

One of the ladies inside the tank experienced their 2nd release because I'm seeing teeny tiny babies clinging on to the substrate and wall of the tank. I'm starting to be less nervous about my JRB because the colony is growing. Starting with only 4 is quite scary but I'm fortunate to have very good parameters due to a few secret prodcuts.

Brave Momma!

Fanning her belly
Handsome male ^.^
I'm not sure what it is that caused the mothers to venture out, but I'm glad they're feeling more comfortable with the tank to venture out and explore. For the longest time they would hide and only the male would patrol the tank. I feel like with the colony growing and their numbers increasing, they are feeling more secure with their environment and venturing out.

Interesting observation:

I added 3 ottos to each of the 25 Cubes and they're doing very well. In the past, I would always have a few die-off whenever I added them to the tank. I would usually only have 1 inside a tank that survives. This time around, all 6 ottos survived and doing exceptionally well.  I never knew ottos like to school. The three would stick together and school together. They look so dark and their skin is very healthy. Both shrimps and fish are doing exceptionally well. There must be some magic in the water. 0_o

Next update will be focused on my OEBT. They need some love. I've had them for 2 months now and the population is doing extremely well. I'm seeing babies everywhere and the young adults have grown into beautiful adults.

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