Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Goodies from Japan!

It's been so lonely with the GF living in another country. I can only spend so much time playing card games (MTG) and watch Netflix before things become boring....

HOWEVER! One of the benefits of having a GF living in foreign land is... FOREIGN SNACKS AND CANDIES!!!

*ahem**ahem* Note: LARGE FLAT RATE BOX!
Y'all like Snacks??
Pretty amazeballs (of hazelnuts that is!! HHAHAH!)
...the many flavors of KitKat...
Purple Yam (Taro) was my favorite!
Lovely to receive snacks and get instructions NOT to share 
...these are amazing fluffy/sweet snacks...
Thank you and God bless. I appreciate the abundance of snacks and sweets that I will consume with vigor on my next shrimp photo session.

Sorry folks, no shrimpys pictures or updates today.. Today is dedicated to the snacks I've received.


PS: Photo picturing the fluffy sweets does not represent my hands. I have never painted my nails nor have plans on doing so. Those belong to the GF.

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