Monday, January 26, 2015

Photoburst: Japanese Red/Black Bees

It has been few weeks since my last update, so I figured I should update you guys with the happenings of my Japanese Red and Black Bees. I visited my parents for dinner and brought along the camera.  No beer this time around and no comfy chair, but managed to get some good photos!

I'm really happy with how fast the babies are growing and my JBB babies are quite big for only so recently been born. For being as big as they are, I find that they have exceptional colors. I have high hopes for them in the future. My RedBees have also given birth recently. Unfortunately, the RedBees gave birth much later than the BlackBees and so their babies are much smaller.  

Anyways, please enjoy.

Lovely Blue Faced JBB Momma

Another Blue Faced momma shy... 
LARGE and IN CHARGE!!! Busting out with dem eggs!
Baby Hinomaru BlackBee
Baby Hino No-Entry Blackbee (bro/sis of the buster above)

The only male that showed up for the party

I tried to get more photos of the RedBees but the three berried mommas were a bit camera shy today. Girls... what can you do, amirite? Hah! 

The dual cubes currently have a lot of babies with many more on the way (all 6 mommas are berried) so expect to see more posts featuring them as the main guest of honor.

Until next time! 


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