Sunday, February 9, 2014

Pure Red Line, Taiwan Bee Panda, Taiwan Bee Blue Bolt, & Moss

I received a few different types of moss two months ago but they weren't looking too healthy.  I really wanted to prove that moss and can be quite beautiful and versatile.  It has many different uses ranging from great carpets to growing beautifully attached to driftwood.  I spent some time tying the mosses to some ss mesh and now it looks beautiful!!  It's grown quite low to the substrate and has such a lush green!  I must say, I really like the way the anchor moss has grown out.  Next to the anchor moss is java moss.  This moss is often overlooked and under appreciated.  It's one of the original moss that came into the hobby and being such, many hobbyist overlook this moss.  Being one of the only few mosses that can self attach, taxiphyllum barbieri aka Java Moss, is wonderful in wood scapes.  This moss really shines in scapes utilizing branchy wood or tree like scapes where the artist is seeking a more natural layout.  

I'm trying to grow out my Java Moss and obtain a more substantial portion before I can utilize this moss and show you the true potential of this moss.  I know Java Moss is plentiful and I could save myself a lot of time by just buying it and starting my scape, but the main reason I decide against this is because I want to limit my risks.  What I mean is I want to limit my risk to foreign pests and algae.  One of the biggest risk when buying plants from unknown sources is potentially introducing snails, hydras (terrible pests), algae (another big headache), and LIMPETS into your tanks!!!!!  I've never been successful in eliminating limpets once they're introduced inside my tank.  I cannot stress how much I hate limpets.

I was fortunate enough to receive a very rare moss from a friend.  Mini Fissidens is a very new and rare moss recently introduced to America.  Originally, it was sold on eBay, but the strain on eBay was terrestrial and did not adapt well underwater.  The plant would usually turn yellow and die after a few months.  This stain is growing and is quite healthy but it's growing terribly slow....  I hope to cultivate enough to share with locals soon!

Here are some pictures!

PRL on Anchor Moss

Fissidens Geppi vs. Mini Fissidens

Mini Fissidens - This is the real deal folks!

Taiwan Bee - Shadow Panda baby

Taiwan Bee - Blue Bolt baby!