Sunday, January 19, 2014

New & Old

Been really busy with work and decided to start 2014 with a bang!  I haven't had too much time to post but that doesn't mean my shrimps haven't kept busy.  I've been keeping up with maintenance for the rack at home and the 10G at my GF's is looking great!  All the brown algae is now gone, and the shrimps seems to be a lot more active now with the cleaner and clearer water.  I've been dosing the tank with CO2 and ferts for over 2 months now with no negative results, so I'm breaking down many of the "dont's" of shrimp keeping.  Also, my weekly water changes a around 40% which is another big "no no" in shrimp keeping.  I've also been trying out my more secret experimental concoctions.  It's too soon to tell, but so far there hasn't been signs of any negative effects.    

I've been recording videos of some of the strange, but funny, happenings during the weekly water changes. These little guys are super lively, and are always actively swimming and climbing, YES CLIMBING! They climb up and down the moist tank during water changes. When the GF has time to help me edit and upload the videos, I'll post for all to see.

Well... time for some pictures!

da curl

our newest taiwan bee baby :)

PS. I started a few new tanks in preparations of a new home for the now growing Taiwan Bee family.  Can't wait for the tank to cycle and I can't wait to show you all what it looks like!

Stay tune!

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