Monday, April 7, 2014

Hong Kong: MongKok 'Goldfish Street' Adventure at Nigons

Store: Nigons
Owner: Tat
Specialty: Shrimps - Pure Red Lines, Nikishi PRL, Elegant Ladies, Hakata PRL 

Nigon is a shrimp specialty store owned and operated by Tat Ngai.  The store itself is located on the second level but overall, the store is quite easy to spot with its unique store sign.  This is my second time visiting Nigons within two years and Tat has really made dramatic changes to the store's overall layout since my last visit.  One of these changes includes adding eight new shrimp tanks.  I spent a lot of time looking around at the many different types/grades of shrimps available.  The experience was like being a kid at Toys"R"Us, just so happily distracted by so many awesome things.  Tat is an awesome guy who is friendly and very quick to answer my many questions.  It's very awesome to actually see an expert shrimp breeder (Tat is an expert shrimp breeder with his own farm located right in HK) and share the different breeding methods and ideologies.  I think in all I spent around five hours at Nigons just chatting it up and asking questions to learn and improve on my own breeding methods and techniques.  

Nigons Street Sign
 The store front as you can see.  It was pretty awesome to spot this on my second visit.  I was so stoked I ran up and totally forgot about my girlfriend.  I'm a bad boyfriend, but I couldn't help it!
All smiles
PRL - Nikishi 
Beautiful Bucephalandra cluster
...Sold Out...
Even More PRL
AWESOME TIBEE TANK!!  (Sorry couldn't get a closeup)
More Nikishi PRL 

Taiwan Bee Mix Tank
Buce Tank *Droll*

R.E.C. Brand Foods (Smells WONDERFUL)

F2 - Digestion Foods/Growth
F3 - Pregnancy/Birth Foods
F4 - Color Enhancing Foods
Netting my own PRL
Being Picky
The Winners!
Overall, I really enjoyed my experience at Nigons.  I was able to meet with Tat for the second time, exchange some great info and establish an awesome source for knowledge and potentially shrimp related goodies!  I'm very happy to be the owner of some very beautiful PRL and I'm very excited to get started breeding ASAP.  It was an awesome time spent at Nigons and I hope to be able to visit this store again on my next HK trip.  Oh, and I hope you give Nigons and Tat a chance next time you're in HK!  Nigons is definitely a worthwhile visit for shrimp hobbyists and enthusiasts!

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