Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Photo Update! New Shrimps!!!!

Before I start showing my new shrimps, lets revisit some of my older shrimps.

Taiwan Fire Reds Male/Female(berried)
 Single shot of my Taiwan Fire Red Female

Comparison between OEBT Blue and OEBT Blonde genes

Can you spot the ninja with the freaky eyes?

A OEBT blue with visible black-stripe pattern

My Snowball couple

 ====And... Finally... My new shrimps ====

Blue Velvets (Neocaridina sp. "Blue Velvet")

More Blue Velvets feasting with OEBT

Blue Velvets, OEBT, and a Black Eyes Black Tiger??

Tangerine Tiger (Caridina serrata var. "Tangerine")


  1. Hi,
    Great looking Blue Velvet. Can you tell me where you bought them at? I can't seem to find them.


  2. I got them from a local breeder. They are pretty neat. I recently updated this blog with a better picture.