Friday, June 22, 2012

Future Tiger Rack

This is the possible future direction of my current shrimp rack.  I'm slowly changing things around on my current rack.  Initially, the rack was supposed to house Crystals, Tigers, and Neos, but there's just so many different shrimp species out there!!!

I've decided to dedicate this rack to keeping all  different species of Tiger Shrimps.  The reason for this is because I don't see enough people keeping Tiger shrimps.  Tigers are really interesting, a lot hardier, and have a wider range of morphs.  They come in cool colors, patterns, and are such wild characters!

Caridina cantonensis sp. "Tiger" or more commonly referred to as Tiger Shrimps, as the name suggests, are easily recognized by their tiger-like black stripes running through its transparent body.  Tiger Shrimps are more energetic than other shrimps in the hobby.  They like to zip-zag around the tank scavenging for food or simply swimming around for fun.  My OEBTs are very robust.  They don't sit around or slowly crawl around the tank like my Crystals.  They are always energetic, swimming all over the tank.  I've noticed that they are hardier and more tolerant to extreme water parameter swings.  This is a key benefit because they can be more forgiving to novice shrimp keepers.

There are many different types of Tiger Shrimps out there.  I'm trying to get my hands on  some of the ones I think are nice so I can  hopefully breed and share to all the locals.  Currently, I have Orange Eyes Blue Tigers (OEBT), and Black Eyes Black Tigers (BEBT), but soon I'll be getting in Tangerine Tigers (TT), and hopefully some Super Tigers (ST).  I am very excited to get my BEBT to start breeding, so stay tuned!  You can bet I will include more updates with BEBT information!

I will be getting Tangerine Tigers in next week so this weekend is going to be hectic.  I'll need to prep the tank to house them.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hoping everything goes well this week.  I'll try to have my GF snap a few pictures of my shrimps today so everyone can see.  Stay tuned!

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