Sunday, June 24, 2012

Exciting development!

I just got some Blue Velvet Shrimps today!  These looks like Blue Pearls, but they demonstrate a lighter blue.  Blue Velvets are a color morph of the Blue Rili that has been stabilized.  I'm putting these badboys inside my 15G OEBT tank.  I think a mixture of Blue Velvets and OEBT would make the 15G are really awesome!  Acclimating them as I update this blog; I'll try to get some pictures up tomorrow.

I just placed my order for 10 Tangerine Tigers.  These guys should be really awesome.  Tangerine color with black tiger stripes.  I can't wait to add some more tiger species to my collection.

Here's a crappy iPhone photo of my CRS at feeding.  I can't spot any babies that had been released inside the tank.  I don't know if the freak heatwave wiped them out or they're just hiding.  I hope everyone is fine and doing well.  Good thing these guys are constantly getting pregnant.  The picture shows 3 berried females making a mad dash for some Mosura Shrimp Special.  Right now I have about 7 females that's berried with about half of them due to release their clutch anytime this coming week.  I've added a clip on fan on the rim of the tank.  If the week gets warm, I'll turn it on.  Fans make excellent alternatives to chillers.  They cost less, and consume way less electricity.  The only downside is the rate of water evaporation.  Topoffs must be done daily when using a fan.  I might add in some more moss so I can increase the bio-film in my tanks.  Moss is almost always a must for any shrimp tanks.  It really helps increase baby shrimp survival rate.

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