Friday, December 30, 2011

Rack Progression

Got water on my MacPro so I haven't been able to post any updates.  It's really hard to type when the some keys don't function properly.  Anyways, this is going to be a big update with lots of changes and new things added.

So far, the top shelf is filled with 2 x 15gallon tanks which should be done cycling within a week. I'm using ADA AS I (new formula) and it's taking sooo long to cycle. I'm planning on leaving the tank pretty bare with one a piece of Malaysian Driftwood with moss and some Needle Leave Java Fern that's been floating inside a 5 gallon bucket.

Pretty straight forward, the tanks are filtered with a Hang on Back (HOB) filter.  When the two top tanks are cycled, I'll modify the HOB with a sponge so it won't suck in shrimplets (baby shrimps.)  The tyop two tanks are future homes for Blue Tigers and Cyrstal Red Shrimps.  I'm excited! 

The tank to the right is a full tank shot of my Yellows Shrimp tank.  The tank is heavily planted with moss, stems, and a foreground.  The moss growing includes Mini Pellia, Flame Moss, Fissidens, Fissidens 'Thailand", Christmas Moss, Mini Xmas Moss, Willow Moss (thick), and Singapore Moss.  I'm constantly adding to my moss collection, so stay tune for more updates!  I'm also trying to grow some Cryptocorynes species inside which includes C. Nurii, C. Nurii Phang "Mutated", C. Blassii, and C. Cordata 'Rosanervig.'  I'll try to get some more pictures of the moss and cryptocorynes later.

The tank to the left is a full shot of my Crystal Reds and Crystal Black and Taiwan Fire Red tank. I'm trying to let his tank more bare because I want room inside the tank for the shrimps to roam and to help ease with picture tanking.  Plants inside this tank includes Bolbitis, Java fern 'Philippines', Glosso, Staurogyne Repens, Erio sp. Japan, Erio sp. Parkeri, Erio sp. Ban Ba Wan, and Erio sp. Aussie II.  The Bolbitis does a pretty awesome job creating a back drop.  It's also a slow growing plant, which makes for excellent grazing zone for shrimps.  I always see the critters hanging on the leaves.

Both the Yellows and CBS/Taiwan Fire Red tank utilize a HOB filter and a powerhead/sponge filter combo to provide water movement and a bio-filtration. I got two units of the powerhead/sponge filter unit as a test to see how I like it, and I must admit, it's doing an excellent job. Only downside is that it takes up so much of the tank's available space.

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