Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Back from Hiatus!!

After a long break from the hobby, I decided to get back into the dwarf shrimp hobby. I've always liked the idea of some sort of a rack storage system, and since my house is small, a rack system is actually a perfect fit for my situation.

Firstly, I had to find the perfect rack. I'm really particular with stuff, call it OCD, but I had to find a rack that was strong enough to support the weight of my fish tanks AND at the same time be aesthetically beautiful. I managed to find a Stainless Steel Rack from HomeDepot that fit the bill perfectly! I wanted to be extra careful, so I also picked up 1" plywood to add on the shelves of the rack so that the weight of the tanks could be divided evenly. Also picked up 48" shop lights as a lighting source for my rack. BTW, the rack measures 48"W x 72"H x 24"D.

Secondly, with the rack bought, modified, and completely setup, I had to find some tanks that would utilize the rack to it's fullest. I have a lot of 10gallons, but I don't like the dimensions of the tanks, so I had to find a local shop that would customize a few tanks for me. I really like the dimensions of the 15gallon tanks, 24x12x12 fits nicely on the rack.

Managed to find a local shop that can make the tanks for me!!! Ended up buying 6 tanks! They look really awesome. Black trims, with black silicone seal, I'm excited.

This is the future shrimp rack with 15gallon tanks, and shop lights. Pretty excited to get these tanks filled with shrimps.

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