Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Photoburst: New kids on the block!

New addition to the family
I'm just so excited to find the new batch of babies just born into the tank. This new guy was birth sometime last night to today. He or she is a young Red Wine/Ruby Red in training. The tank is starting to really get homey for all these guys as mommas start releasing her babies.  

Tiny baby
Newly born babies have a tendency to stay put to where they originally hatched. This sort of behavior usually last a few days for newly born babies as they need the time to situate themselves. This means you'll definitely want to have a nicely filled tank where babies feel safe and secure.  This is why I like moss and tend to have a lot of moss inside my tanks.  Fluffier moss like Fissidens is great because it offers a lot of folds where babies can snuggly hide between.  As they reach the week old mark, they will start moving around and explore their new world.  I'm spotting a few more newly hatched babies and they're all so CUTE!

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