Tuesday, November 18, 2014

PlantProfile: Flame Moss

Flame Moss
It has been roughly 3 weeks since I tied the flame moss on these lava rocks and I am pretty amazed at just how quickly it took for the moss to establish itself and start growing.  As of late, I've been more inclined to tying my moss on rocks rather than my traditional practice of tying it on Stainless Steel Mesh.  I feel like attaching moss on rocks gives the moss a bit of character and really adds to the overall potential of the moss when it has a chance to fully grow and establish itself.  A while back, a buddy gave me one of his mini fissidiens growing on a piece of lava rock and I think that's when I became hooked on this whole rock deal.  I'm still a big fan of tying moss on SS mesh, but there is something about flame moss that just screams to be tied to lava rocks.
This is an overview of the entire tank inside my room that a few folks who visited for the Pandas didn't have the chance to see. Unfortunately, being that the tank is inside my room, most folks will never have a chance to see how the tank look besides seeing it in pictures.

This is my 8gal rimless tank housing Taiwan Bee - Red Wines and Red Wine variants. My Dragon's Blood Red Wines comes from this tank. I got these wonderful shrimps from the same buddy who gave me the mini fissidens. I'm so lucky and very grateful to have great friends.

The tank itself is pretty simple.  The tank is mainly comprised of moss growing on rocks and/or on driftwood. The centerpiece, as you can see in the middle, is a piece of driftwood with fissidens fontanus growing all over it's entirety.

In the front, I have an experimental piece of moss housing unit (more like a clamp) that is holding down my mini x-mas moss. It's been clamped on that device for a good part of a month. Growth is terribly slow, but it does show signs of growing.  All the moss are very healthy without signs of any algae development. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that none will develop as this tank is currently very balanced.

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