Sunday, November 3, 2013

...getting back in the foot at a time...

Quick update on me - I've finalized my living conditions and have moved out of my parents. Unfortunately, this means I am no longer able to provide the daily upkeep for my rack.  Because of this, the shrimp rack has fallen into shambles and so I've decided to redo the tanks.  This is going to provide me with a good opportunity to reevaluate the types of shrimps I want to keep and shrimps I want to get rid of during this time as the hobby has grown so much since I've been away.  So many new exciting shrimps to keep!!!  The next couple of weeks will be devoted to cleaning and clearing stuff out.  Stay tuned!

Now on to the fun stuff!  I've been keeping up with the 10G display tank at my girlfriend's house, doing weekly water changes, and tank maintenance.  The tank has really matured and undergone a lot changes since it's conception back in 2012.  The tank's original crystal red shrimps have been relocated to the 20L at my parent's house.  I managed to get my hands on some rarer Pure Red Line Crystals Reds a while back and now they've matured and are beginning to breed.  I have about 3 females currently berried with one that released her clutch last week.  I can already see tiny little shrimplets clinging on glass, moss, and the leaves of plants.  It's so adorable!!  The coloration of these shrimps is very vivid and the thickness of the shell is very prominent.

Also, I've added some new temporary tank mates for the PRL CRS to hang out with while I cycle a new tank.  Can you spot them?  I hope you enjoy!!

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