Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Shrimp Spotlight: Blue Bolt

Hi Folks!

Not much happening in my shrimping world as of late, but I wanted to provide an update with some good news. Some might already know, but a while back, I had a mishap. This mishap just so happened to cause a large casualty in my Blue Bolt/Panda population. This was... deviating, to say the least! I was down to my very last "pure" Blue Bolt (female) and Panda (male) that I was riding my hopes on. It was a big relief to discover that after moving the remaining pair to a new tank, they successfully bred and now I have a larger colony of Blue Bolts/Pandas Taiwan Bees to try to rebuild my once thriving colony. 

To my luck, it just so happen that my female and male were of exceptional grade. I'm very fond of my female so I'm sharing photos of her with everyone tonight! Please enjoy!!

Up Close and PERSONAL!

My ABSOLUTE favorite shrimp pose. Heads up, tail down ;]

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