Thursday, June 4, 2015

Shrimp Spotlight: Japanese Red Bees pt.2

Hello Followers!

I am alive!! Few might already know, but as of recent, I've been occupied with another interests of mine - gaming. 

It's been nothing but work and gaming for me. My tanks and shrimps have been well kept and maintained but there was little to no time for photography. Now that I've satiated my interests with the game, I'm looping back and giving my shrimps and tanks more attention. This means.... more photos!!

And... one of the best welcoming back I can think of is.... an update on the currently happenings of my Japanese Red Bees colony. 

Adding to my last JRB observation, I've had some time to experience and observe their growth and I have to comment that although the babies do start off looking more off-red color, orange as I've stated, but this entry is to confirm that as they mature, their colors will darken and become crimson red. Again, the babies are maturing much faster than the typical Pure Red Lines and their adult size is more "jolly" than their Pure Red Line cousins. Whereas the PRL are more slender and "small" in stature and form, the JRB are rounder and more "wholly" appeal.

To comment on the colors of the white, as I know folks are curious to know, the color isn't completely "white". Unlike their PRL, JRB are off-white, almost pearly white color. It's a creamier color.  Additionally, I've noticing that my JRB have red swimmerets. Yes, RED SWIMMERETS! It just beautiful, and I've very excited to have caught it on photo.

Below are photos, please pardon my poor camera skills. The photos are unfocused as I am a bit rusty.

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