Monday, December 29, 2014

PhotoBurst: Fan's Pure Red Line

Mature PRL
Tiger Tooth ;..;
Sexy Red Legged PRL
These guys are the results of my own doing. Initially started off as Xin/Feather PRL but I've spent a lot of work improving their colors. I'm quite proud of their colors. I would rate these guys S grade PRL as their colors could be better. I will continue to work on improving their colors and intensity. 


Sunday, December 28, 2014

Japan: Adventure at Lowkeys-Osaka location

Store: Lowkeys
Location: Osaka HQ
Specialty: Japanese Red Bees, Japanese Black Bees, Pintos, and Taiwan Bees

This post entry is a few days overdue, but it has been a busy week with the Christmas hitting us and me getting situated back at work and a few other shrimp related matter that required my immediate attention so I do apologize.  

One of the last shrimp related things I did while in Japan was visiting Lowkeys HQ in Osaka. This store is truly a shrimp lover's paradise. This store has literally has a HUNDRED tanks filled to the brim with shrimps. When I entered the store, workers were busily packaging shrimps in boxes and marking them to be shipped (which I assumed to be shipped all over Japan). The store comprised of 5 workers who were all busily running around helping customers and do other shrimp related things. The walls of the store was stacked with shrimp related goodies (foods, toys, accessories), and just a ton of tanks. Lowkeys Osaka really knows how to do shrimp racks, it contained the most beautiful shrimp rack I've ever seen. The rack is stainless steel painted gun-metal color (similar to the ADA Stands) and was just perfectly fitting their small tanks. Everything just looks wonderful and so well thought out.

The trek to find Lowkeys Osaka (similar to Lowkeys Tokyo) proved to be difficult, albeit, not as difficult as locating Lowkeys Tokyo. The store was located on the main street, which is very easy to spot once we figured out the path to take from the trains to the main roads. Walking was roughly 20 mins, but it was well worth it.  

Store Front
This store isn't as big as some stores I've seen in HK but it definitely has the most tanks and the widest selection of shrimps and products. This store is just wonder and there's nothing else I could really say to describe the feeling of being in Japan's #1 hot spot for any and all things shrimps. The store is divided in 4 walls filled with shrimp tanks (basically encompassing the entire store) with stands and racks of shrimp products and shrimp goodies littered in between these tanks.

Please enjoy and share my experiences at Lowkeys Osaka captured in the photos below.

Very happy
Lowkey's Motto

Happy customer picking he/her shrimp

Lowkey's Main Display Tank

Huge Mix and Match of shrimps... Mainly TBs..

Told the GF to go wild with my camera ^.^
...spotted... *smile*...
A tank filled with ¥50000 shrimps.. SOLD OUT!
The store's mascot and me

Reminder to myself that I bought 3 JBB at ¥30000 each
This area is dedicated for TB, Pintos, and Tigers.. very small selection

JRB I hand picked from their best tank ^^
These guys were among the best of the best!
Spotted-Head Pintos

Black Diamond Tigers (not to be confused with Royal Tigers)

More JRB
hmmm..more JRB...

Makes you wonder why you'd keep PRL.. LOL!!
Japanese Pride. I love Japanese Red Bees!!!
These guys would CRUSH any HK/TW PRL any day
Mascot patrolling
Well deserved lunch break
Initially, my plan was to visit Lowkeys Osaka, Aqua Tailors and Samurai Jeans while I was in Osaka but because of the schedule I had to cut Aqua Tailors' visit out of the itinerary. Because Aqua Tailors and Lowkeys has a partnership, I felt it was time better spent visiting Lowkeys (the store is bigger and the main HQ) instead of Aqua Tailors, but I would definitely visit Aqua Tailors on my next trip to Japan.   

The staff and us
Some funny outtakes of my adventure.

GF thought the one piece jumpsuit was funny.. I'm a fan of one piece ^.^
My second passion... raw denim.. yum.

took the female staff 5 times to get a great photo!  Dang her finger!!
Overall, I was really satisfied with having the opportunity to visit Lowkeys Osaka. I'm happy that I got a chance to see this wonderful store and their wonderful tanks filled with shrimps. The staff were wonderful and I would love to visit this store again on my next Japan trip. 

Thank you for reading and following! Cheers!!