Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Japan: Adventure at Lowkeys-Tokyo location

Store: Lowkeys
Location: Tokyo Office
Specialty: Shrimps - Japanese Red Bees, Japanese Black Bee, Pintos, and Taiwan Bees

This was a quite the exciting experience for me. Being such a shrimpaddict, I knew that I just HAD to visit the IT shrimp store. Unlike Hong Kong, Japan's shrimp chain-like store is called Lowkeys. They have many offices located all over Japan and the store acts like a mecca for all shrimp related activities in Japan. Please don't get me wrong, there are MANY shrimp stores located all over Japan that isn't run and operating under the brand Lowkeys, but the benefit of visiting a Lowkeys location is that the company gathers all the best shrimps from all over Japan and from many breeders and stores it under 1 roof.  

Because Japan is so big (much bigger than I initially expected) the cost of traveling to remote locations to visit the various shrimp stores would eat into my overall budget and results in less shrimps and shrimp related goodies thus I opted to visit the most important stores so I could spend my time and money more wisely.

While in Tokyo, Japan, I was lucky enough to be accompanied by my GF (my traveling partner), who after living in Japan for 3 months, became really good at traveling Japan via bus and trains.  I think if I didn't have her I wouldn't be able to get nearly as much done and wouldn't have nearly as much fun!

Like I mentioned, Japan is a big place, and my first stop was Lowkeys Tokyo. This store is located in the outskirts of Tokyo (no starbucks nearby to enable WiFi), so it proved quite difficult to locate. Being that the store itself is nearly a 30mins walk from the closest available train stop, it was quite the challenge to find and to navigate to (I arrived in Japan during the onset of winter and temperature was rapidly dropped and I was unprepared for the cold).  

Store Front
This store is much smaller than the 2nd Lowkeys in Osaka, but being that it isn't the HQ, it was still quite to sight.  The store is very cozy as the owner is very welcoming and open to assist me and allow me to take photos (after asking politely of course).  Mr. Mitsumasa Nishitani owns and operates the Lowkeys - Tokyo branch alone.  I would estimate the store ran around 30ish tanks with a few containing VERY high grade Japanese Red Bees.  Tanks that really stood out included his high grade Japanese Red Bees (which were HUGE), his collection of Red Spotted-Headed Pintos (didn't get a picture because it was located behind where he was sitting), and his Japanese Black Bee Glossy linage prized winners.  These Japanese Black Bees were very beautiful.  And now, please enjoy the photos of the shop/shrimps below  

Mr. Mitsumasa Nishitani's Shrimps

This is what a TRUE Red Bee should look like
Zebra Pinto ^.^

No fakes here.. Only JRB

Blue Bolts mixed with Japan's Mothra Bee (Mosura Panda)

She's so very beautiful in real life
Real deep red... isn't that what Pure Red Line is supposed to be? o_0
My only photo of his magnificent JRB with my X-T1 + Macro Lens
Mr. Mitsumasa Nishitani's Tanks

These are the BEST clamp lights!!

Mr. Mitsumasa Nishitani himself!

My corny 'thumbsup'
Special thanks to Mr. Mitsumasa Nishitani for being so generous and welcoming when we visited your store. Thank you for helping me and showing me around. Also, thank you for even providing me and my girlfriend a ride back to the station so we would avoid the cold and dark walk back!  I really appreciate it and I really love your store!!

Another special thank you to Google Translate for making communication possible.  Without you... there would be no possible means of communication.

Hope you've all enjoyed.  Second entry will be posted tomorrow! Thanks for reading!!