Friday, June 20, 2014

ADA 60-P

Wanted to make a small post to give updates on my shrimps and my new (relatively new) 60-P set up back in early January 2014.  Tank was setup with a bottom layer of biomedia rocks and capped with about 4in of ADA AS.  Tank is being filtered with an Eheim 2115 and an UGF hooked up to a water pump feeding into my dual breeder box.  Plant wise, I wanted to do something simple and easy to maintain so I decided to just do a moss tank.  Plants includes Fissidens, Mini Fissidens, Fissidens Geppi, Mini Pellia, Rose Moss, and Buce. "brownie ghost blue".   I was able to rehomed the Taiwan Bees living in the breeder box and everyone seems to be much happier.  After rehoming, my Big Mommas got berried, released, and babies have grown within the last 2 months.  Here are some pictures!

Full Tank
Dirty tank before cleaning
Full Bodied Blue Bolt
Shadow BKK
Shadow Panda in flight
Top View: Buce. "brownie ghost blue"
Shadow Panda Momma *nomnomnomnom*

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